Publications in PDF

(Selected publications. Please refer to my CV for a complete list of publications.)


2019    “Posthumanist Voices in Literature and Opera,” In The Oxford Handbook of Sound and Imagination, ed. by Mark Grimshaw, Mads Walther-Hansen, and Martin Knakkergaard, (Oxford: Oxford University Press), 629-52.

2017     “The Lied d’Ossian in Massenet’s Werther: Intertextuality and Vocality in the Long Nineteenth Century,” Journal of Musicological Research.  Special Issue: “Reading Music Through Literature.” 36.1: 29-57.

2017      “The Queer Voices of Xavier Dolan’s Mommy,” European Journal of American Studies. Special Issue: Special Issue: Re-Queering The Nation: America’s Queer Crisis,” 11.3.  (A previous version of this article was published in French.  Consult the next link below.)

2016      “Les voix queers dans Mommy de Xavier Dolan,” Synoptique: An Online Journal of Film and Moving Image Studies. Special Issue: “Xavier Dolan, Queer Nations, and World Cinema: Locating the Intimate within the Global,” 4.2: 32-54.

2015       Digital scenography and the mimetic aporia of Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle,”Journal of Aesthetics and Culture  [S.l.], v. 7.

2014       The Orpheus Figure: The Voice in Writing, Music, and Digital Media. PhD dissertation. The University of Western Ontario.

2012      “Orpheus in New Media: Images of the Voice in Digital Opera.”  The International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, Special issue: “Digital Opera: New Means and New Meanings.” 8.1: 31-48.

  Other publications

2017     “Orpheus or the Allegory of Music.”  Introductory essay and French translation of the liner notes for Orpheus Descending, Mark Edwards, harpsichord, label, Montréal, CD.

2012      Translation. “The Seven Last Words of Christ”Die Sieben Worte Jesu Am Kreuz by C. Graupner.  Les Idées heureuses, G. Soly et al. CD booklet. Montréal: Analekta. 15-31.